What are the digital marketing tools on trending today and how can they help to grow your business?

In recent years, digital marketing became the most discussed topic among small-scale or large-scale businesses by integrating these powerful marketing tools into the business activity for long-term success. Even though many peoples might have a deep understanding of how digital marketing works already, but in this article, I would like to reinforce the concept and meanings behind these marketing techniques to the reader. Digital Marketing, also called online marketing is the term used to associate marketing techniques and advertising of the business, product, person, or service using online channels, electronic devices, and digital technologies. It is often used to describe marketing efforts in promoting brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and others forms of digital communication. Since the coronavirus (Covid-19) global pandemic emerged, it has significantly impacted how the advertising, marketing, promotional, and media spend for the company in running their business. As a result, companies are forced to re-evaluate their current marketing plan and strategy whether they can still maintain a steady stream of income for their businesses.

According to the digital marketing trends in 2021, many experts in the digital marketing industry analysed and measured the trends evolving in these few years to better understand the expectation of the market and execute their marketing plan during this pandemic. The best interpretation about the digital marketing trend today can be explained with these two contradictory concepts which are general humanization and mechanical and technical optimization. These concepts have overtaken the core ideas on how digital marketing agency works today by providing personalized service that addresses the real issues faced by the company and customized the marketing efforts suitable to the brands. Apart from that, leverage your content of marketing by optimizing mechanical systems and adopting AI technology such as marketing autonomous systems and SEO.

In the midst of the pandemic, many business owners struggle to solve the complicated situation faced by their company in settling the issues of maintaining their sales performance due to the unprecedented events. Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has worsened the global economic situation at a speed and magnitude that have not been reached by far. The high active cases of Covid-19 recorded have forced SMEs to speed up the process of digitalization in Malaysia as it became a permanent pivot in the pandemic and lasting change for businesses to move quickly. Therefore, there is no exception for small and medium enterprises to ignore the necessity in business transformation as operating digitally is the only way to stay through mandated shutdowns and restricted activity.

Digital marketing strikes to deliver digital services in integrating into the marketing plans to help businesses to sustain their business profitability and thriving amidst the pandemic. In this recent years, digital marketing has achieved unexpected success in improving the customer experience and help them to retarget and keep your customer’s footsteps on track. There are a few digital marketing trends that we found efficient for businesses to understand what to expect and invest in online marketing and how it can help your business:

 Social Media Marketing Tools

According to the research of Statista in 2021, there is an increase in social media usage with about 85 percent in total of the Malaysian population were social media active user. Among all the social media platforms, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook Messenger are the most popular platforms for Malaysian users especially Facebook has achieved the highest penetration rate for several years in a row. Therefore, all business owners should always analyze and evaluate the mainstream media for marketing activities and campaign on trending today especially the social media trends today. One of the most obvious social media trends today is the influencer scene that brought up groups of people with the common terms known by many such as “Youtubers” (or YouTube content creators), “Key Opinion Leaders” (KOLs), and “Social Influencers” to influence on purchase decision over their social media following based on their area of expertise. So, the question is how can these social media platforms and management tools help your business to create a competitive advantage and improve customer experience?

See related image detail To keep up social engagement

Building a strong social media engagement is a sign that you are making an impact in the market as an established and modern brand on your business profile. It helps your business to make a meaningful connection with your current and future customer and target to boost your brand both online and offline specific especially ROI.

For example, social media allows the customer to reach out to the brand that they want to interact with through the comment section on the post, chatbox, reviews section, links to a shopping website, and others features available on the social media platforms. Customers have a direct channel where they can voice out their concerns whether to ask questions, voicing out constructive criticism, or give praises to their product’s experience regarding the brand. You can always keep your customer on track by collecting their feedbacks and concern, which helps your business to better understanding your customer expectation.

Customer service is one of the key aspects to ensure the sustainability of business in the long term, especially when attracting new customers cost five times more than retaining your existing customers. Therefore, it is so crucial for the business to build a positive relationship with the brands that can not only generate word of mouth but also ensure your customer’s loyalty to your brand. Let’s take Facebook Messenger as an example, there is a tool called “Chatbot” where you can set up a custom Messenger chatbot to initiate and respond to messages whenever your customers send you and is completely automated. You can save time, cut costs, and increase your revenue by creating responses to the FAQ in Facebook Messenger (chatbots), customer can easily reach you almost anytime and anywhere.

Another benefit of social engagement for businesses on social media platforms is understood the audience’s expectations and brand experience through your social media post. For example, Facebook allows business owners to measure and calculate their social media post engagement through reach, clicks through rate, conversion rate, engagement rates (eg: likes shares, and comments). The biggest difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing is fundamentally the functional features of social media marketing provided the business with better chances to understand customer’s journey on their brand. Social media marketing did matter as they are not just the surface level of sales numbers but more extensive social media metric data that able to adjust your business plan to add values to your brand.

Therefore, it is important for business owners to keep in mind that, constantly track, analyze and monitor are equally important as regularly posting your brand’s content on your business page to keep your social media performance on track and re-evaluate the effectiveness of the existing digital marketing plan.

See related image detailTo monitor relevant keyword

Keyword’s research is the most powerful tools for social media marketing plan today and each social media platforms have different ways to help advertiser and search marketers to target their prospective audiences based on a range of criteria. Let’s take Facebook keyword research as an example, Facebook’s keyword search feature makes it easier for the potential customer to find your business whenever they type the keywords like “meal replacement shake” on the keyword search. If they are friends of your existing customer, the likelihood of your business page on Facebook being recommended or seen will be increased as Facebook will help you to analyze and connect users with similar audience profile data.

Another benefit of keyword research is optimization on the Facebook page will be driving high traffics to your business page. For example, you can choose two of the most relevant keywords related to your business that can help customers to find your Facebook page in the description of your Facebook page. Let’s take Jelo Marketing Sdn Bhd as an example, the keywords written on the description of the Facebook page are “social media agency” and “marketing agency”. In addition, you can also include keywords in your social media post of Facebook page through a hashtag like #digital marketing # online marketing to drive traffics of the potential customer to read your content.

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